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RSS AnthonyK

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2 points

I have to say this point is more a support than a dispute. perhaps you should give him a thumbs up as well now

2 points

I think you'll find that the argument is an open argument, and also I was referring to valuable minerals, which would need the older rocks. also, the new rock is found at constructive boundaries, which, surprise surprise, are mainly found under the sea. The rocks can be found at convergent boundaries, but many of these are also just off the shore line. It would be incredibly costly and inefficient to mine under the sea for something that can be found on land, away from plate margins. Germany also had some of the largest Iron mines which let them develop more weaponry than us. Germany is not near any plate boundaries. my source, the history lessons.

about the rocks. I was talking about minerals in rocks, as I'm sure you were talking about finding iron ore in rocks as well.

You refer to Iron found at these boundaries as well. the iron is incredibly impure, which is what the phrase "contact metasomatic Fe- deposits" (pulled from your source).

2 points

Everyone enjoys different things. and I agree with you about Brian Cox. I prefer it when he does his space stories

1 point

Mines are found everywhere. If anything, you don't want to be near a plate boundary for a mine as it is newer rock there. It's the old rock that is the most valuable mineral.

Also I dislike your first line about "getting away from you". it is entirely irrelevant to the argument in hand, and is sort of childish.

1 point

Fair enough, but I am tired and the way he had put it was a confusing example which needed more time to think it over, or have to be explained. Thumbs down to his original post, or I would if it didn't make me loose points

1 point

I would move to a place with natural hazards to see them in action. Yeah they cause damage, but some of the hazards are just jaw droppingly gorgeous. I just love watching volcanoes erupt, and seeing a tornado would be a pretty good thing to watch as well. For me, TV isn't enough. I'd be a storm chaser

1 point

So what your saying is, if a country is poor, it will recover quicker because it has the help from several countries, so therefore has a better response to disaster? way to back up your argument that richer countries have a better response

1 point

getting away from it is said in too narrow a way. saying to prepare for it includes getting away, but it also includes hiding under a table for example during an earthquake I did support his argument if you didn't notice, not dispute it

1 point

the volcano is called Eyjafjallajokull, which is pronounced on the page where it says "listen" on the first line. just in case anyone wanted to know.

Supporting Evidence: Eyjafjallajokull pronunciation (
1 point

You misunderstand what a private doctor is. The person who is treated pays for the treatment. Also, people volunteer to care for the sick and to clean up because they know the government doesn't want to pay so they can make further improvements.

Of course, the NHS doesn't do their job properly as it is, so I guess it would be catastrophic if we had a major natural hazard here. I will give you one thumbs up because I do partially agree with you

Supporting Evidence: NHS time line (

About Me

"I play guitar. And I'm a computer geek. That's all you need to know."

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Name: Anthony King
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United Kingdom
Postal Code: S41 0LE
Religion: Agnostic
Education: High School
Websites: my youtube

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