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1 point

In all seriousness, John Lennon is better. No argument required.

1 point

Noel is still fairly funny, I think. Watch him on Soccer AM.

1 point

This is all the information we will ever need, provided by this entirely factual website. Other articles worth reading are the ones on Hitler, Margaret Thatcher, David Cameron and Joy Division.

1 point

I knew Claude will choose JL, so I thought I'd combat with this. Noel Gallagher is heavily inspired by JL and the Beatles, but I think he's a better song writer. Most Beatles songs are credited to Lennon/McCartney, which means they collaborated on the song writing. Noel wrote most of Oasis' tunes by himself. That makes him a better song writer. Oasis have some better songs than Beatles, but The Beatles have more good songs than Oasis.

I knew Claude would have a dig at Ian Curtis, which is another reason why Noel's better. I actually prefer John Lennon -- I have a poster of him. I have Liam Gallagher too but there's no Noel.

Ian Curtis, a Nazi, forever. <3

1 point

I say continue with the Olympics. I'm fairly sure that if people of a Christian faith had some sort of fasting, and the Olympics were being held in a Muslim country, the athletes would have to choose.

I'm not sure if this is right but I think my friend Ahmed once told me they have a choice to fast or to donate more money to charity, that it's not absolutely necessary. If a country feels they're at such a disadvantage, then they should help the athletes donate money.

1 point

Whoops. Sorry, I thought this was Dellis posted because you have the same picture. My apologies.

1 point

I think it depends on which disaster we're talking about. For example, for volcanoes it's definitely primary effects. Lava and magma rolling down a hillside at a rather warm temperature would just kill you.

With earthquakes it's harder to tell. You've got the primary effects such as buildings falling down etc. but you've also got secondary effects like overcrowded hospitals and after-quakes.

I'm going to say primary effects then because on the Volcanoes v Earthquakes debate I said Volcanoes are worse, and seeing as I think the primary effects of a volcano are worse, then I'll say Primary Effects. But really I'm undecided.

1 point

I agree with you, and I do like Boris Johnson, I'd certainly come back and see him if I were from abroad. The stadium itself has cost the British taxpayer about £500 million to build. I've driven past it and it looks magnificent. It's a massive boost to the north-east of London.

However I help thinking about the threat of terrorism, the extra security the country will have to put in place and the tube will probably break due to overcrowding.

1 point

Explains how the rain is the size of baseballs. Shows how large that is with his hands.

"Shall we get out of here?"

Runs away with his hands still in the shape of a baseball. Looks like moron.

"It's coming! The end of the world!"

1 point

Dispite my displeasure at your second paragraph, you're correct about the mines. You need to mine in Africa, where the rock is nice and old.

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