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Do you think the London 2012 Olympics will be good for the United Kingdom?

Is having a the Olymics in London going to be good for the UK? Take into account the specialist built stadium, the millions of pounds of tax-payers' money and the increased tourist industry.


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I tried putting that in and it read this... (The minimum length for an argument is 50 characters. The purpose of this restriction is to cut down on the amount of dumb jokes, so we can keep the quality of debate and discourse as high as possible)

Of course its going to be a major positive towards Londons economy and Englands on a whole

You have new facilities being built what should be avaliable for use after the olympics. The obvious first positive is the coverage of the events and the amount of tourists it will bring to London, this will increase business in hotels,resteraunts, shops.

It will also bring alot of profit it to the wise people who have rented their house out for spectators.

Then your going to get the tourists who think "oh I like London, its a really nice place, I think I will come back here in a few years and see if that wierd fellow is still Mayor" so thats going to bring sustained profit into London particularly but also tourists might want to explore the rest of England (Not sure if they are hosting any events outside of London)

Its late and I have probably missed things out (Like I always do)

I will add to this tomorrow, maybe.

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I agree with you, and I do like Boris Johnson, I'd certainly come back and see him if I were from abroad. The stadium itself has cost the British taxpayer about £500 million to build. I've driven past it and it looks magnificent. It's a massive boost to the north-east of London.

However I help thinking about the threat of terrorism, the extra security the country will have to put in place and the tube will probably break due to overcrowding.

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The point is not that the Games didn't bring economic benefits - it would be hard for something that cost roughly £9bn not to have any economic benefits. And of course they brought lots of more intangible benefits, for all of us. Check out some of the features that make Auto Chess a highly immersive and competitive game in both casual and professional gaming scene.

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