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The Olympics should not be held in the month of Ramadan because Muslims shouldn't have to choose between the career and their faith. Those in charge of the Olympics should think of all religions and selected a time suitable for everyone.

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it can take a 100 years for a tree to grow, and by that time the rest of the forest will be gone. Another reason i disagree is because where are all the tree saplings going to come from. also the Brazilian government are not going to be bothered about the environment, just about a better life for the Brazilians.

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Without the rainforest Brazil would be unable to develop. However it's not all about chopping the trees down. They need to balance things carefully. Once the trees are gone they won't come back, but if the land is used as cattle farms, more cows can be put on so it is a continuous cycle of wealth. On the other hand they create the most destruction. Once 30% of the forest has gone, they should stop all deforestation. I think that there is no way to solve this problem.

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