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 Should The Olympics Be Held In The Month Of Ramadan? (3)

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Should The Olympics Be Held In The Month Of Ramadan?

The 2012 olympics will be held during the month of ramadan meaning Muslim atheletes are disadvantaged if they fast. They will not be able to eat and drink during daylight hours. It is possible to defer ramadan to a later time in the year but should Muslim atheletes be put in the position of chosing between their faith and there sporting event?

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The Olympics should not be held in the month of Ramadan because Muslims shouldn't have to choose between the career and their faith. Those in charge of the Olympics should think of all religions and selected a time suitable for everyone.

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I say continue with the Olympics. I'm fairly sure that if people of a Christian faith had some sort of fasting, and the Olympics were being held in a Muslim country, the athletes would have to choose.

I'm not sure if this is right but I think my friend Ahmed once told me they have a choice to fast or to donate more money to charity, that it's not absolutely necessary. If a country feels they're at such a disadvantage, then they should help the athletes donate money.

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