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RSS Joebradley

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1 point

In my eyes the volcano is a big immediate danger for small villages but an earth quake can be much worse. I mean think about it a volcano can do damage but a earthquake can start tsunami's and volcanic irruptions.

1 point

I disagree completely with your argument SAM, because for a start the tribal areas that have not been discovered yet don't have a clue about whats happening or even that there's other people living somewhere else, so they wouldn't know that people are cutting down the rainforest which would make them not even think of them being discovered. Secondly at the start you quote that if the Amazon was cut down its would look like a rubbish place to live, but if they don't cut it down Brazil would look rubbish because they would not be growing economically. And finally, you say that its bad to destroy something that people love, but i think your mislead because actually citizens of Brazil would rather cut it down than live without food, water and other essential things needed for a good lifestyle.

1 point

I disagree with Mitchell's point because firstly if 18% of the forest where being cut down each day it would be gone, the 18% is all together since about 1980. But I do agree with the green house gasses part since the Brazilian government are burning the Amazon down releasing carbon dioxide onto the atmosphere causing places like england to supher from someone else doing something the shouldn't on the other side of the world this is why we also should be worried about what the Brazilian government is doing.

1 point

There are more problems though. The destruction and exploitation of the rainforest has hit heights as more groups with different reasons have been cutting the rainforest down, such as illegal logging companies have been coming in and chopping parts down that have been legally reserved by another group of people called rainforest alliance who are trying to reserve as much of the rainforest as possible. This causes problems like fighting and maybe some times with guns! But thats just an example as there are many more groups of people wanting different things, but thats the problem. What I think they should do is that they should have a big meeting with people from all the groups and try to agree on a sustainable way of using the rainforest.

1 point

I agree with the argument, as it is important for thousands of Brazilian people to earn an income to feed their families and to buy all necessary thing to keep a good lifestyle.

If the Brazilian government didn't exploit the rainforest's's natural resources, many people living in Brazil would not earn enough money to keep their good life style. Though 18% of the Amazon has already the Brazilian government in my eyes don't have another choice unless they find a way to use the rainforest in a way that they would be able to re-use the parts of the Amazon which they cut down. So i can't really go against the statement because the government are doing whats best for the thousands of Brazilian people. So unless they find an alternate way of use the rainforest what they are doing now is for the best.

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