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I don't agree with you at all. First of all your point that "There's no way to solve this problem". Of course there is. The "problem" is that the rain forest is being destroyed, but as I said in my post a very simple way is to plant three trees for every one tree that is cut down. Once that happens, the rain forest can basically not be destroyed as the new trees will have already of grown before a catastrophic percentage of the rain forest has gone.

5 points

I agree with this statement. In order for thousands of Brazilian citizens to create income for themslves, they require to use the rainforest. Without the rainforest, a large amount of people in Brazil's population would be plunged into poverty; causing them and there families to starve. Some say they can just easily get a job in the city or elsewhere and the problem will be solved but without taking into consideration the difficulty of actually getting one. Research shows that if you can't speak Portugese, a large language barrier is put in place which decreases the amount of jobs your actually eligible to join.

Data from the National Statistical Office shows the unemployed rate in Brazil to be 6.7% as of 2010. If you do the maths and take 6.7% off the total population, it gave me 12,730,000. That means that nearly 13 MILLION people in Brazil are currently unemployed. This would significantly increase if all the people who use the rainforest were forced to stop, making big issues for Brazil. So many people are using the rainforest to make a living and have been doing for years, and yet onlu 18% of the rainforest has actually been destroyed. The figure climbs very slowly, and so it's perfectly reasonable that they can do this. Yes, destruction of the rainforest contributes to Global Warming but not so much that thousands should be losing there jobs. Instead of focusing on this to stop Global Warming the Government's in every country should be cracking down on the big producers of CO2 like all the cars that travel around the world frequently and huge factories that produce large amounts. I personally feel the Brazilian government should definitely be putting the needs of the Brazilian populatiol before global enviromental concenrs, because it's not just Brazil causing a problem.

It's everyone. If destroying the rainforest is such a problem to do any of that, then there's a simple way to sort it. Work with the Brazilian Government to replenish the rainforest, following Canada's footsteps in which for every tree that is cut down, three more must be planted by law. By this way the rainforest will be replaced easily. - Rhys Bagshaw,

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