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John Lennon Noel Gallagher
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Who is better - John Lennon or Noel Gallagher?

Battle it out here... the Beatles frontman and all round music god or the Oasis and High Flying Birds legend.

John Lennon

Side Score: 4

Noel Gallagher

Side Score: 5
1 point

Noel isn't dead yet. so he cannot be a true legend.

More points are awarded if they are killed unwillingly. (As in Johns case, other examples are Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison,George Harrison, Davy Jones,Keith Moon, Freddie Mercury and Brian Jones. To name a few... )

Deduct points if they committed suicide (Examples Ian Curtis, Kurt Cobain and some other losers)

Exemptions to this system of legends are: Bob Dylan.


Bob Dylan will never die and so he is automatically a legend.


This can be proved by his survival ability to the amount of drugs and cigarettes he has taken over the years what have had no effect, what so ever.

Side: John Lennon
1 point

We seem to have forgot about the personalities of these two legend's.

Yes I can see why some people may think Noel is better for his solo and grouped addition to recent music compared with John Lennon's ancient (in music terms) rock and roll and Beatles rock (Don't want to call it pop.)

However Lennon's quick wit and charismatic personalities dwarf's Noels slow/boring replies to interviewers whilst chewing gum as if he is on a life support machine.

Examples of both Noel's and Johns interviews and personalities can be seen on youtube, make your decision on who's the funny guy from them.

In conclusion both are seen by many as making great music and so I will have to use this as the basis to decide who is better.

Side: John Lennon
JamesC(39) Disputed
1 point

Noel is still fairly funny, I think. Watch him on Soccer AM.

Side: Noel Gallagher
1 point

In all seriousness, John Lennon is better. No argument required.

Side: John Lennon
1 point

Choosing John Lennon because you already knew that NL copying JL all the way. After quitting from Beatles, John be a musician on his own without Paul, George, Ringo. And he succeeded. Noel won't be success as much as John if he quitting from Oasis. On the other hand, John Lennon is all the way more genius and smart than Noel. I admit that Noel looks like a God in every Oasis' concert but he's nothing compare with John Lennon.

Side: John Lennon
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I knew Claude will choose JL, so I thought I'd combat with this. Noel Gallagher is heavily inspired by JL and the Beatles, but I think he's a better song writer. Most Beatles songs are credited to Lennon/McCartney, which means they collaborated on the song writing. Noel wrote most of Oasis' tunes by himself. That makes him a better song writer. Oasis have some better songs than Beatles, but The Beatles have more good songs than Oasis.

I knew Claude would have a dig at Ian Curtis, which is another reason why Noel's better. I actually prefer John Lennon -- I have a poster of him. I have Liam Gallagher too but there's no Noel.

Ian Curtis, a Nazi, forever. <3

Side: Noel Gallagher
1 point

Noel is reported to have said to NME magazine when questioned about his relation to John Lennon, that, I quote.

"That scouser t* copied us all the way from Cigarettes and Alcohol to the Green Album. He's copied our sound so many times he may as well be in our band instead of being "supposedly" in a totally different band called the 'Bugs' or 'Beetles' or something stupid and related to animals..."

Side: Noel Gallagher
1 point

This is all the information we will ever need, provided by this entirely factual website. Other articles worth reading are the ones on Hitler, Margaret Thatcher, David Cameron and Joy Division.

Side: Noel Gallagher