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I agree with the statement because there are many different users of the rainforest, not all of them may use it sustainably, but its still being used. The main reason people are using the rainforest is to make a living. Even though the loggers and cattle ranchers and buisnesses after mahogany trees are destreoying some of the rainforest, they have no choice to do because they need to earn a living as well as anybody else.

The Brazilian Government could also use the rainforest in whatever way they wanted in order to become more economically developed, however many people stop them from hariming it even though it could better the lives of Brazilian citizens. By stopping it we are helping to create more shacks in shanty towns where millions of citizens live becuase of the shortage of jobs and money. Many would say there are plenty of jobs in the town, but for some finding work in the city is difficult and they would have to move their family from the village they currently live. This means it is easier for them to use and on going resource close by, such as the rainforest. I agree there could be more sustainable ways of using to provide money, food and education for their families, but some jump for the chance of the first job they find whether its logging or cattle ranching or something of similliar proportions.

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